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Driving safely with prescription sunglasses

Driving is the most common way to travel, but it also has certain risks. You need to concentrate and pay attention to road conditions while driving, especially to avoid sunlight and other vehicle lights that interfere with your sight. If you drive with a pair of prescription sunglasses, it will help the driver pay more attention to the road conditions and avoid the interference of various lights.

prescription sunglasses for driving

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Prescription sunglasses material composition

Glasses frames are generally made of high-polymer molecular acetate fiber, plastic, or alloy metal, and there are many types of lenses, such as PC, AC, TAC, resin, glass, etc. But if you need to wear sunglasses while driving, be sure to choose the type that suits your needs, such as economical, functional, or stylish.

Plastic sunglasses are affordable

Plastic sunglasses are lighter and more durable than glass, and if you only drive occasionally, plastic lenses and frames are a good option. Because they tend to be cheaper and save you a lot of money when it comes to buying glasses.

However, there are also some disadvantages: the mechanical performance of the plastic frame is not as good as that of the metal frame or tr90. If it is dropped on a hard surface, it is easy to crack or scratches on the surface, and the wearing experience is not good!

sunglasses for driving

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Make sure your sunglasses are polarized

Polarized lenses block some of the light that bounces off surfaces, reducing glare and making it easier to see. Polarized sunglasses are designed to block glare. They block light more effectively than regular lenses, so they help you see things more clearly. You'll also protect your eyes from UV rays, which can cause eye damage and even cataracts later in life.

If you spend a lot of time driving or doing other activities that require attention to detail, polarized sunglasses can be a good investment. If your work involves frequent use of a computer or other digital devices, wearing polarized glasses can reduce eye strain and headaches from prolonged exposure to bright screens - and if you're like us at glasses shop Vooglam, we know how. Might be a big question!

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How to choose the color of sunglasses?

The lenses of prescription sunglasses are available in a variety of colors. Tinted lenses filter or absorb the spectrum, thereby reducing the harm to the glasses. At the same time, the color of sunglasses is very particular, and lenses of different colors often have different uses. Grey and tawny (or amber) shades are the best for UV protection. While absorbing light, it maximizes the green light reaching the eyes, so it has a cool and comfortable feeling and is suitable for people who are prone to eye fatigue.

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The wearing experience is also very important

A pair of glasses that are comfortable to wear basically meet two characteristics. One is that the frame fits your face shape. Wearing prescription sunglasses while driving also follows this principle. The frame of the glasses matches the face shape harmoniously, which will make people feel happy. The second is the improvement of sensory comfort, and the lightweight material itself will not be too heavy, such as the frame made of light metal alloy, which will not feel oppressive after wearing it for a long time.

best prescription driving sunglasses

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Prescription sunglasses are worth worn

Sunglasses are an effective auxiliary equipment for the majority of drivers and friends when driving. They protect your eyes from UV rays and reduce the glare of the sun, especially when driving for long periods of time. Sunglasses can also reduce eye strain, eye strain and squinting.

If you've been searching for the best prescription sunglasses for driving, but haven't found the right pair, we hope this guide helps you! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at!

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