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Do you know the dangers of blue light?

Blue light exists in a large amount in our daily life. Do you know what damage blue light does to the eyes? Harmful blue light actually mainly refers to short-wave blue light of 400nm-480nm (nanometer), such as blue light emitted by electronic devices, and light in this wavelength range in sunlight. These short-wavelength light can cause lesions of eyeglass cells, lead to cataracts, and damage to the macular area. At the same time, it may also cause or aggravate myopia, affect sleep, and even bring about some health problems.

But fortunately, we can prevent these hazards by wearing anti-blue light blocking glasses, coupled with healthy living habits, can help reduce eye fatigue and maintain eye health. So I will continue to introduce below to learn more about blue light protection glasses!

dangers of blue light

The effect of blue light on people of different ages

The extent to which blue light is harmful to the eyes varies with age. In older people, the lens will turn yellow with age; children are more sensitive to strong blue light, which can cause their vision loss and even eye diseases. It is worth noting that regardless of whether the elderly or children are currently looking directly at the screen of mobile phones and computers in real life, it is very long, so only developing good eye habits is the premise to effectively reduce blue light damage to the eyes.

Blue light blocking glasses are necessary

Why is it necessary to use anti-blue light glasses? Let’s answer the following two questions first: What are the benefits of anti-blue light glasses? How do blue light blocking glasses work? Anti-blue light glasses mainly reflect harmful blue light through the coating on the lens surface, or add anti-blue light factor through the lens base material to absorb harmful blue light, thus realizing the blocking of harmful blue light and protecting eyes.

Prescription or non-prescription blue light blocking glasses

There are many different types of blue light glasses, either prescription or non-prescription, the main difference being the ability to correct vision. But two blue light blocking glasses will protect your eyes and help prevent eye strain, dryness and fatigue. Whether you need prescription lenses or not, there are some great options!

Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses

Blue light blocking gaming glasses are perfect for anyone who uses a computer to play games. They can also be used for watching movies and other forms of entertainment. Blue light blocking technology helps reduce eye strain caused by too much screen time in a short period of time.

Square Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If you have a round face shape, blue square glasses will be perfect for you. A square face is characterized by straight lines and angles around it. If you think your face is more oval or round, then this style will be perfect. The square frame and rounded profile are a great match.

Square Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Children's blue light blocking glasses

Blue light blocking glasses are a must for any parent, especially if you have kids of all ages. These blue light blocking glasses work just like other glasses, but they come in a smaller frame and can be customized to your child's prescription. Small children are more susceptible to blue light than adults, which is why you should get them a pair ASAP Own prescription blue light glasses.

How to choose blue light blocking glasses

If you're looking for blue light blocking glasses, there are several options. First, you can buy prescription blue light blocking glasses made specifically for people who wear prescription lenses and have vision or eye problems.

Second, if you don't suffer from vision problems, but still want to protect your eyes from the fatigue caused by blue light from electronic devices while you work or play, then you do need a pair of blue light glasses, which can be a no-prescription form.

Finally, if you want to buy a pair of blue-light glasses for your child, you should protect your child's glasses from a young age. It should be the case. It is very necessary to buy a pair of blue-light glasses for your baby, and now children will often touch electronic equipment.

Good habit of using eyes

Avoid using your eyes at close range for long periods of time. Whether you are looking at a mobile phone or tablet, TV, etc., if you watch it for about 20 minutes, you should stand up and move around for about 10 minutes, look into the distance, and relax your eyes.

Adjust the light to the proper intensity. It is not suitable for reading books and mobile phones under strong sunlight and dark indoors. If you must work with electronic products at night, adjust the screen to an appropriate brightness, and do not squint under well-lit light.

Where to get them at a lower cost

First of all, you can check if there are any stores near where you live to buy blue light glasses, but due to the impact of costs such as rent, their prices are usually higher than online. At the same time, finding a pair of blue-light blocking glasses online is now very easy, whether prescription or non-prescription. For example,, currently only provides glasses for adults. Children wear less blue light blocking glasses, but the specification of frame width <130mm can be considered.

In conclusion

The best thing about blue-light blocking glasses is that they prevent harmful radiation from this short-wave blue light. Are you considering getting a pair of blue light glasses right now, but there is something for everyone in your home! In this article, we learned the basics about blue light blocking glasses. If you have any other questions or doubts, please pay attention to vooglam, or contact us, we will be happy to answer your concerns.

In fact, most people who use these products choose over-the-counter versions because they are more comfortable and easier to wear than prescription options. Choose a prescription for anyone with vision problems.

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