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To allow more than 60% of people who wear glasses to choose a pair that reflects their unique style, Vooglam continues to actively explore how to make frame glasses play a role in personal fashion and style. Vooglam Glasses has always stood out for its commitment to individuality and self-expression among the wide range of glamorous glasses. The slogan “Born to Be Unique” has resonated with those who dare to stand out. And now it has ushered in a new era, with a new look and a vibrant new slogan "Ignite Your Inner Glam".

Vooglam glasses ignite your inner glam

The new logo embodies a bold new vision

Vooglam’s update is more than just a change in visual identity. It represents a deeper commitment to empowering the wearer, encouraging them to embrace their inner charm. The redesign of the logo highlights the main color of orange, a color that resonates with creativity, enthusiasm, and energy, reflecting the lively and energetic nature.

Another detail on the logo is that the star on the right side of the "V" is more like a fire, which represents igniting the inner charm. The two letters "o" are designed more like eyes this time, attracted by the "glam" at the back that looks like it is lit. Another explanation is that the "o" exudes glam like glamor glasses. The updated logo features a more rounded sans-serif font. The new logo’s typography and detailed design reflect Vooglam’s embrace of self-expression and glamor.

New Vooglam glasses packaging box look

Expressing yourself is more than just a slogan

"Ignite your inner glam" is more than a slogan; everyone has the right to express freely, confidently show off their unique style, and boldly display their charm. Driven by the passion for fashion and the need to meet the self-expression of eyewear wearers, Vooglam's new vision has transformed into constantly tracking fashion trends and creating more novel styles of glamorous frame glasses, while encouraging everyone to freely express their unique charm.

Various styles of glasses to choose from

Eyewear is an exciting celebration of your style, and at Vooglam there are thousands of stylish styles and a diverse range of eyewear to choose from. Vooglam's glasses frames emphasize the necessity of glasses as a self-expression accessory. They are not just glasses, but also create a style, an atmosphere and a confident and comfortable space for the wearer, no matter when and where you are. , even just wearing a pair of glamorous reading glasses during leisure time. Below are several representative and unique design series.

Glamorous Aurora Series

The essence of Vooglam's new glamorous frames series is inspired by the aurora, which represents the spirit of freedom to explore new things and the courage to let the wearer feel the power of freedom and beauty the moment they put it on. These brilliant colors will bring you glamor and enhance your overall fashion style.

A pair of iridescent frame glasses with a geometric design, resting on a surface with a cosmic backdrop of stars and nebulae, highlighting the eyewear's futuristic appeal.

Neon series with urban rhythm

The launch of the neon series of frame glasses is a tribute to individuality. The frame color styles of this series were born in the light of the city's neon lights. Each neon light paints the city with vibrant colors. The equally well-designed neon series of glamorous glasses are your unique rhythm. Lenses that sync with the vibrant rhythm of the city and show off your style.

Neon pink geometric frame glasses presented against a vivid backdrop of green and pink neon stripes, reflecting off a shiny surface for a bold, modern aesthetic.

Designer Half Frame Series

Different from ordinary half-rim glasses, Vooglam’s glamorous half-rim series pays more attention to color matching and style innovation. Each pair of glasses is a harmonious blend of classic glamor and avant-garde design. At the same time, the subtle contours around the spectacle lenses and the smooth lines of the frame hint at the spirit of minimalism, the delicate balance between exquisite craftsmanship and refined aesthetics. The unique half-rim approach sets you apart, carve out a personal space and shine with Vooglam half-rim glasses.

Elegant round, tortoiseshell-patterned half-rimmed glasses with gold accents, displayed on a white surface with a soft, wavy sand pattern in the background, exuding classic sophistication.

New Vision become beacons of fascination

In addition to the glamorous glasses introduced above, the eyewear designers at Vooglam are also busy designing more fashionable eyewear styles. We sincerely invite every glasses wearer to join us on the charming journey of fashionable glasses. Through diversified designs, we help people have a pair of fashionable glasses that can match any outfit to show their personality. At the same time, in order to give everyone the right and opportunity to express themselves through wearing glasses, Vooglam continues to provide a variety of discount codes and affordable glasses.

Vooglam blog shares professional knowledge about eyeglass frames , lenses, etc., and provides help when purchasing and using eyewear products. At the same time, Vooglam focuses on fashion glasses to interpret the trend of glasses for you.

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