KOC Program Conditions

Participation Qualification

Nobody tells the Vooglam story better than you, our customer. Any customer who have bought our products at least once within 12 months on https://www.vooglam.com can become our KOC.

Now is the time to join the Vooglam KOL Program! Don't hesitate. Join this exciting program today!

Join Steps

Register the Impact publisher account at here

When you complete the registration, your exclusive account ID will also be generated.

Send us the information

Then you can send an email which need to contain the following information: The Program you are applying for,your Impact Account ID and Social Media to affiliate@vooglam.com

Ready for promoting!

After we confirm the email, we will pass your Impact application immediately and reply you an email which would guide you how to promote.

Claim Your Reward

By joining our KOC program on Impact, and accepting the program’s Terms(which was shown at “Join Now” in this page), if you recommend a family/friend/follower using a exclusive referral link provided, that family/friend/follower gets 15% off their purchase. What's more, you get 10%~15% in commission!

Log in at app.impact.com to check the completed purchase and other details.

Clicks and impressions received in the last three hours may not be included, there is a 2+ hour delay for some metrics.

Termination and Changes

VOOGLAM reserves the right to:

1. suspend or terminate the KOC Program or a user’s right to participate in the KOC Program at any time for improper operations(abusive, fraudulent, or in violation of the store.vooglam.com - Terms & Conditions).

2. suspend accounts or remove cash rewards for improper operations.

3. review and investigate all referral activities and to suspend accounts or modify referrals in our sole discretion as deemed fair and appropriate.