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Vooglam released the new makeup brushes sets 2024

Makeup tools are especially important for ladies who like to make up, but most newbies are always confused about makeup brushes. Maybe you can't tell what the brushes are called. Maybe you don't know how to use various types of brushes. While Vooglam released the new makeup brush sets, also giving a detailed introduction to the types and uses of makeup brushes, as well as a selection guide.

Vooglam released the new makeup brushes set 2022

Two types of the best makeup brushes sets

There are two main makeup brushes released by Vooglam this time, one is multi-colored with a total of 15 brushes, and the other is pure green with a total of 10 brushes. The two sets of cosmetic brushes are mainly composed of three parts: artificial hair, wooden handle, and metal tube.

The soft feeling from dense hair to buff your look, soft awless, and evenly coverage. Comfortable handle design with clean touching feeling handle with clean touching feeling. Durable metal tube joints can be used for a long time, saving your payment budget. All the details have reliable qualities.

best makeup brushes sets

Classification of makeup brushes

Face makeup brushes

Face makeup brushes

1. Loose powder brush: The loose powder brush has rich and fluffy bristles and has strong powder grasping power. After foundation makeup, take a layer of loose powder and gently pat it on the face to smudge evenly and naturally.

2. Blush brush: Take a small amount of blush with the blush brush, swipe it on the cheeks, apple muscles, or the tip of the nose, and evenly blend the blush to achieve a rosy complexion and enhance temperament.

3. Contouring brush: Sweep the contouring product on both sides of the cheeks, cheekbones, and jawline, which can fit the facial contour, modify the face shape, make the facial contour more three-dimensional, and achieve the effect of visually shrinking the cheeks.

4. Foundation brush: The foundation brush is combined with foundation makeup to create a docile foundation, with a light and natural makeup.

5. Highlighter brush: Dip the highlighter and sweep it on the face T-zone, cheekbones, browbones, etc., the borders are smudged naturally, making the face more three-dimensional.

6. Concealer brush: Concealer brush with concealer or concealer to cover dark circles, acne marks, tear troughs, and other facial imperfections.

7. Nose shadow brush: The nose shadow brush takes the nose shadow powder and swipes it on both sides of the nose and blends it. It is used for shadow treatment of details to create a three-dimensional contour.

8. Eyebrow brush: The eyebrow brush is suitable for combining with eyebrow powder and eyebrow gel to outline the eyebrow shape, which is natural and obedient. It can draw neat lines along the eyebrow shape and create delicate eyebrows.

9. Lip brush: The lip brush is used to outline the lip shape and highlights the lip contour.

Eye makeup brushes

Eye makeup brushes

1. Large eye shadow brush: used for light eye shadow base, large area of ​​the eye socket to make eye makeup more colorful.

2. Medium eye shadow brush: used for partial deepening and smearing of eye crease, eye end, and other parts to enhance the layering of eye makeup. It can also be used with brightening colors to brighten the center of the eyelids.

3. Smudge brush: used to smudge the edge of the entire eye shadow color block, process the base color after coloring, outline the outline of the eye socket, and make the eye makeup cleaner.

4. Detail brush: It is used for details such as deepening the end of the eye and the lower eyelid, and it can also brighten the silkworm and the head of the eye.

5. Eyeliner brush: The eyeliner brush is combined with eyeliner, eye shadow, etc. to describe the eyeliner or details at the root of the eyelashes.

How to clean makeup brush kit:

1. Use a makeup brush cleaner or soap to wash off any remaining makeup.

2. After washing, dry the water with a paper towel.

3. Turn the brush head down and let it dry naturally in the shade.

4. The best way to store makeup brushes Keep products in a dry clean place, and avoid strong sunlight/humid environments.

Vooglam offers affordable makeup brushes

Makeup brushes have different shapes according to different parts, and the feeling of use varies from person to person. These two best affordable makeup brushes sets released by Vooglam have affordable prices and good quality, which can better meet the needs of personal makeup. Of course, you can also choose Vooglam fashion glasses frames to make the makeup look better.

Novices can also start with the full makeup brush set, which is more cost-effective, and can make targeted purchases after learning the basics of makeup brushes. A set of natural makeup brushes can make our makeup process more efficient with less effort and make the best use of our beauty products.

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