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Have you ever wondered what the difference is between UV protection glasses and blue light protection glasses? Or whether one is superior to the other? With the increased demand for both types of glasses, it's common for more people to have this confusion when comparing UV protection glasses vs. blue light glasses Let's get straight to the point with the curiosity of knowing more about these two types of eyewear.

How do UV glasses work?

These glasses have special coatings on the lenses that block or absorb the sun's harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, protecting your eyes from the UV rays in the sun's rays. It works a bit like putting sunscreen on your skin to create a barrier against UV rays. UV rays are known to cause serious eye diseases such as cataracts and macular degeneration. But with UV protective glasses the probability of such eye diseases is greatly reduced.

How do UV glasses work?

The science behind blue light glasses

The next thing we're going to learn about is anti-blue light glasses. Everyone has more or less experienced the feeling of eye fatigue and even headaches after staring at a computer screen all day, and this is the effect of blue light. Blue light, which is part of the visible light spectrum, is mostly emitted by the screens of electronic devices, especially at night, disrupting sleep and causing eye fatigue.The science behind blue light glasses

Anti-blue light glasses act like a blue light filter, with lenses that are specially processed to filter out the blue light emitted by digital screens. Think of them as your eye shield against blue light attacks from your devices. Especially if you face screens for long periods of time, they help reduce digital eye strain, improve sleep, and may even reduce the risk of macular degeneration.

UV Protection Glasses vs. Blue Light Glasses: Key Differences

Now, you may ask, what's the difference between them? The main difference is their purpose. UV-protection eyewear protects against harmful UV rays that usually come from the sun, while blue-light glasses protects the eyes from blue light emitted by digital screens.Vooglam sunglasses protection glasses blue light glasses

Making the Right Choice: UV Protection Glasses or Blue Light Glasses?

Whether you choose UV or blue light glasses depends on your lifestyle. If you want to soak up the sun on the beach, UV-protective glasses are the way to go. If you're a digital warrior, blue-light glasses are the way to go. In addition to the stylish frames available at Vooglam, you can choose between UV-protective sunglasses or blue light-blocking lenses when you add prescription lenses to provide the ultimate protection for your eyes.


Both UV glasses and anti-blue light glasses have their own role to play in protecting our eyes. The choice between the two depends on your lifestyle and needs. There are also glasses on the market that offer both UV and blue light protection, but not all blue light protective glasses offer UV protection, and even wearing glasses that offer both cannot be a complete substitute for good eye habits.

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