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Metal or alloy eyeglass frames are mainly raw materials common types for eyeglasses frames making today, and they are of medium-to-upper grade, and they are also the one that people prefer. Metal spectacle frames have the characteristics of anti-stretching and good physical properties. Some alloys such as titanium alloy spectacle frames and metal spectacle frames made of nickel alloy are resistant to corrosion and are not easy to rust. The following is a detailed list of common frame alloy materials.

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Metal eyeglass frames features

Metal eyeglass frames are also relatively light in weight and generally less prone to damage. Different metal materials have their own advantages. Making metal glasses frames also pays attention to hardness, flexibility, elasticity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, light weight, luster and good color and so on. The metal materials used to make spectacle frames are almost all alloys or used after the metal surface is processed.

metal eyeglass frames

Many types of metal eyeglass frames

Brass has the advantage of being easy to cut, but its disadvantage is that it is easy to change color. It is generally used for low-profile eyeglass frames and nose pad cores, also known as copper-zinc alloy.

Copper-nickel-zinc-tin alloy, with good elasticity, is mainly used in the nose bridge and temples of eyeglass frames after electroplating.

Bronze, with excellent elasticity and anti-magnetic and wear resistance, as well as good corrosion resistance, is mainly used in the spring and mirror material of eyeglass frames.

Monel alloy has strong strength, elasticity and corrosion resistance, and the welding is relatively firm. It is mainly used to make mid-range spectacle frames.

Nickel alloy, more elastic and corrosion resistant than Monel. Mainly used in high-end glasses frames.

Stainless steel, a type of nickel-chromium alloy. Because of its good elasticity and corrosion resistance, it is often used as a temple material. Stainless steel materials are mostly used to make the base material of screws or gold-clad frames.

Titanium, pure titanium has good corrosion resistance, high strength, good plasticity, light weight and no allergies. It is a silver-white metal, also known as "space metal". It has been used to make spectacle frames for a long time, and pure titanium frames are currently relatively high-end spectacle frames.

Gold and its alloys are anti-oxidant and anti-corrosion, but they are heavy. Generally, alloys of gold, silver, copper, etc. are used to make metal spectacle frames. The gold content of the alloy is generally represented by "K". platinum. The material of the spectacle frame is mostly K14 platinum.

Aluminum alloy, light texture, good corrosion resistance, good cold forming effect, easy to handle thin and hard oxide layer on the surface, and can be dyed in various colors. Some of the frames are made of aluminum alloy, and some are made of aluminum alloy for the gaskets at the joints of the temples of the pure titanium frame.

Memory metal, also known as memory titanium or NT alloy, has the characteristics of super elasticity and is synthesized by mixing titanium and nickel after high temperature treatment.

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