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What are over the glasses sunglasses?

Are you wondering how to protect your eyes from the sun without removing your prescription glasses? One innovative solution is over the glasses sunglasses, also known as OTG sunglasses. Over glasses sunglasses are designed for people with existing frame eyeglasses, reading glasses, etc. For those balancing the necessity of Rx eyewear with the need for sun protection, OTG sunglasses offer an affordable alternative to prescription sunglasses.

Otg Sunglasses Try-on Effect

Why choose over the glasses sunglasses?

Over the glasses sunglasses provide protection while allowing you to continue wearing your prescription lenses. Especially polarized over glasses sunglasses can reduce glare and provide UV400 protection, ensuring your eyes are protected from harmful UV rays. This means your vision or eye health will not be compromised. They are an affordable alternative to prescription sunglasses, with the flexibility to be worn alone or layered over regular glasses. The design blends seamlessly with most eyewear styles, making otg sunglasses be a versatile option for both men and women.

How do OTG sunglasses work?

OTG sunglasses are designed with deeper frames and wider dimensions to fit comfortably over most prescription glasses. Features such as the TR90 frame make them extremely lightweight and comfortable for extended wear, while the screwless design enhances their durability. The one-piece nosepiece ensures a comfortable fit without adding pressure to the bridge of the nose. Essentially, they fit right over your existing glasses, turning them into protective eyewear in seconds.

Sumglasses cover over glasses full protection from UV rays providing long term protection

How do you choose over glasses sunglasses?

Choosing the right over glasses sunglasses requires measuring your current eyewear to ensure a tight fit. You can choose the perfect pair by doing the following:

Measuring width and height: Use a ruler to measure the widest and tallest portions of your prescription eyeglasses. Compare these measurements to the dimensions provided with your OTG sunglasses.

Frame Style Options: Whether you're looking for sunglasses cover over glasses for men or women, choose your favorite frame style preference. The Tr90 material frames are also lightweight and more comfortable to wear.

Lens Options: Look for options like UV400 polarized lenses to ensure full protection from the sun's harmful rays.

Discover style: OTG sunglasses to suit your look

It is recommended that incorporating OTG sunglasses into your wardrobe can boost your fashion quotient. Let’s take a look at some of the fashion-forward options available on:

Model GJTT260682-03: This over glasses sunglasses adopt a classic square shape and modern design style. The 24g ultra-light frame is suitable for daily wear, and the frame adopts a deep groove design to fit normal-sized glasses. The gray mirror and white transparent frame enhance the fashion style.

Model GJTT417146-01: Suitable for daily wear, these sunglasses over glasses adopt a fashionable wrap-around half-frame design, and the design is inspired by the appearance of ski-worn goggles. They offer enhanced peripheral vision and UV protection, making them ideal for sports or outdoor activities.

Model GJTT226940-02: The sunglasses cover over glasses have green color frame, like a green embellishment under the sun. The integrated nose pads and screw-free design bring a comfortable wearing experience. Polarized over glasses sunglasses can also provide you with all-round anti-glare protection and long-lasting protection of uv400, bridging the gap between functionality and fashion.

The over the glasses sunglasses collection combines polarized lenses and UV protection with sleek designs to complement your everyday style. Just slide your sunglasses over your prescription glasses and they instantly transform into sunglasses. Not only is it convenient and fashionable, it also has vision protection function. There are more stylish styles in a variety of OTG sunglasses that can bridge the gap between your vision needs and fashion desires. Feel free to check out the online sunglasses collection and follow our blog for more updates and eyewear solutions.

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