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Have you considered the frame material?

The glasses frames are important auxiliary supplies for glasses, and their quality directly affects the equipment and use of glasses. As a practitioner in the glasses industry, customers often ask: what kind of glasses frame is the best? What kind of glasses should I choose? What to do if you are allergic to metals? It is best to choose the material of the spectacle frame that is light, tough, firm, durable, not easily deformed, not irritating to the skin, and not easily eroded by skin secretions.

Most people choose glasses only on appearance, and rarely on the material. Nearly 80% of Vooglam customers prefer plastic. However, the frames of other materials shown on the site also have the advantage of being a worthy choice. The article below is a detailed introduction to these materials.

Performance of different materials list

The following is a comparison of various materials

Acetate and plastic frames

Acetate and plastic are commonly used as glasses frames materials, also known as polymer materials. Their advantage is that they are relatively firm and not easily deformed, which is obvious from plastic. At the same time, they are easy to color and hypoallergenic. The appearance is beautiful, the wearing fashion is also very good, and the texture is also very strong.

acetate frames

Alloy metal glasses frames

Metal glasses frames generally have thin lines, so that the overall glasses will not be too heavy, and the mechanical strength of the frame is also the best. Like the titanium frame and the Tr90 frame, they are corrosion-resistant. The metal frame has a good feel and appearance and has a variety of styles. Now, most people prefer these frames.

Alloy metal glasses frames

Titanium frames

The advantage of titanium frames is that the purity of titanium reaches more than 89%. Frames are durable, ultra-lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and hypoallergenic. If you have high requirements for frames, then titanium frames are definitely the best choice.

TR90 frames

The biggest feature of the TR90 frames is that it is wear-resistant and has high toughness. It is lighter than ordinary sheets, which can effectively reduce the pressure on the bridge of the nose. Comfortable to wear, drop-resistant and tough, low price.

TR90 frames

Vooglam offers the best material for eyeglasses frames

In Vooglam's fashionable eyeglasses frames list, there are plastic or sheet frames that are cheap but have many styles, as well as alloy metal frames that are corrosion-resistant and anti-allergic, and titanium frames that are comfortable to wear, as well as Tr90 material frames that are currently widely used. This material is extremely flexible, and it is easier to create beautiful eyeglass frames than ordinary plastic materials.

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