Anti glare blue light glasses protect the eyes

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Blue light exists widely in our life. Often work in front of the computer? Use your phone a lot? Play video games often? The source of some blue rays in life, you need to know that the sun's visible light also has blue light. Of course, there are also ultraviolet rays in the sun, which are harmful to glasses and skin.

Eyes are very important organs of the human body to perceive the outside world. To protect them is to cherish life. So you must take the time to understand what blue light is and how to protect your eyes from blue light. Anti glare blue light glasses can effectively isolate ultraviolet rays and radiation and filter blue light, so they are suitable for use in life and work.

Anti glare blue light glasses protect the eyes

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Anti-blue light glasses technical principle

Blue light-blocking glasses can prevent blue light from irritating the eyes. Its main function is to reduce the damage caused by blue light to the photoreceptor cells on the retina of our eyes to a certain extent.

The technology is based on the principle of complementary colors. Blue and yellow are complementary colors. Whether it is absorbed by the lens substrate or reflected by the film layer, part of the blue light is blocked, so the background color of the anti-blue glasses will be yellow. The higher the blocking rate of anti-blue light glasses, the darker the background color of the lens will be, which is the basic physical principle of anti-blue light glasses.

Anti glare blue light glasses protect the eyes

The dangers of blue light

Short-wave blue light ray has high energy and can directly penetrate the lens to reach the macular area of ​​the eye, causing macular degeneration. As early as 1966, Nell et al. discovered that blue light exposure can cause damage to retinal cells, resulting in impaired vision and even loss of vision. In addition, short-wave blue light between 400-450 nanometers is most harmful to the retina.

At the 2010 annual meeting of the International Optical Society, the world's leading optics experts unanimously pointed out that short-wave blue light has extremely high energy and can penetrate the lens directly to the retina. Free radicals are produced when blue light hits the retina, causing the retinal pigment epithelium to decay. The decay of epithelial cells can lead to irreversible visual impairment due to a lack of nutrients in photoreceptor cells.

Generally speaking, the harm of blue light to the human body is as follows: 1. Damage to the eyes 2. Eye fatigue 3. Poor sleep.

Anti glare blue light glasses protect the eyes

Advantages of anti-blue light lenses

Anti-blue light lenses can effectively reduce the continuous damage of blue light to the eyes. Through the anti-blue light lens, the blue light intensity emitted by the mobile phone screen is effectively suppressed, and the damage of blue light to the eyes is reduced.

Due to the filtering of harmful blue light, according to the principle of complementary color, the blue cut anti-glare lens will appear yellowish visually.

Anti glare blue light glasses protect the eyes

Who is suitable for wearing?

Anti-blue light glasses are suitable for the use of LED digital display devices such as TVs, computers, PADs, and mobile phones. However, in daily life, it is not recommended to wear it for a long time, because the lens will filter some blue light, and the picture will appear yellowish when viewing. It is recommended to wear two pairs of glasses, one pair of ordinary glasses for daily use, and one pair of anti-blue light glasses for use with LED display devices such as computers. Blue light blocking glasses without RX are very popular with non-myopia users. They are used exclusively for computer office wear and are gradually becoming a fashion.

Anti glare blue light glasses protect the eyes

So, it's time to pair with a pair of blue light blocking glasses. On Vooglam store, there are different specifications of anti-blue light lenses, and discounts are available for new users. You can also keep an eye on store discounts, which are always on, fill your prescription, place an order, and wait to receive a gift for yourself and eye care.

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