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A lot of people like me wear prescription eyeglasses and they come in many different styles, but I've observed that they tend to neglect matching them with their outfits. And in my life I like to match my outfit with my glasses. It bothers me when I see them wearing orange glasses but wearing yellow and blue clothes that don't quite match their style. Of course sometimes it's cute, but at the same time it depends on where we're going or what event we're attending. Below I'm going to share with you some of my own tips for matching my glasses with my outfits when I wear them.

Matching styles for different locations and occasions

One thing to consider when choosing your outfit and glasses is the place you are going to. If one is going to a casual party and wants to relax and dance, then one would want to find a colorful pair of glasses. If you are going to a themed party, of course you want to find the theme color and also make sure you have glasses in that color. If you don't have colored glasses, you usually can't go wrong with simple white or simple black. If you're going to a job interview, or working in a professional environment in an office, the dress code should be less bright and softer colors, and that includes my glasses which are also a softer color.

Judith blue color frame butterfly shaped glasses

Sharing a real matching experience

An example of an outfit where I paired my glasses and accessories together. My friend was having a tea party for her sorority. She crossed over to her sorority and she wanted everyone to wear her sorority colors. She wants each of us to wear a beautiful dress in her sorority's solid color. She also wanted our accessories to match her sorority colors. So, my dress was a solid white and I chose to wear my clear glasses because they matched my white dress. As for other accessories, I wore navy blue earrings, a necklace, gloves, and a birdcage over my head. She loved my outfit and told me that she took a picture of me in the outfit and showed it to her sorority sisters and they used it as a perfect example of how to match the glasses and all of my accessories.

Styling in a white dress and clear glasses

How do I find the right glasses for my attire?

As mentioned above, I like to pair my glasses with the outfit I'm wearing that day, so when I'm searching for glasses on Vooglam, I think about the specific color, the style of the outfit, and how it will look with the outfit when I start getting my glasses. I like glasses that are on the larger side, but I also like oddly shaped glasses, so I'll put more effort into that. Now, if something catches my eye, especially bicolor glasses, I use the AR Try On application. I also think about the location I'm going to and if it's relevant to my job. For example, I work as a customer service representative and interact with a lot of people on a regular basis, so I try not to wear bright glasses at work; they still have a cute pop of style, but are still professional.

Down Vooglam Glasses AR Try-On App

Personally recommended styles of eyewear that are versatile and will be in style

The fashion trend in glasses today is oversized glasses that make your face stand out, which is one of the styles of glasses that I love from Vooglam because there are so many more styles besides that, so I always recommend them to look at Voogloom. One of my friends was afraid to buy eyeglasses online, but when I introduced her to Vooglam and told her that she could buy glasses with or without prescription, she was amazed. She checked out the website and purchased her glasses, and now she loves buying glasses on the website so much that she never buys them anywhere else.

Two female friends wearing glasses of different colors and matching black outfits

Parting Thoughts

I've worn glasses most of my life, so I've discovered a lot of tips on how to wear glasses and look great with them. Trust me, matching glasses with outfits will make your outfit stand out. Trying on glasses through the AR app before choosing them on Vooglam makes the matching effect clear at a glance. So at Vooglam let me have more glasses to match my outfit. Also, my friends wear prescription glasses like me and I can help them match their glasses with their accessories and outfits, which gives me a slight sense of fulfillment.

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